Setting up Minecraft servers

11. 04. 2022

Setting up Minecraft servers

You don't have to be intimidated by file modifications and confusing terminology if you ever wanted to make a Minecraft server. The process of creating your server is easy if you follow the correct steps and commands. It is a different process to get friends connected to the server, but that will be covered in another article. Let's now focus on getting your Minecraft Server up and running.

By creating your Minecraft server, you have the ability to modify the game in ways that you would not normally be able to. You can give or deny roles, change how objects spawn or modify the game's physics. It's an act of parental control, and you will be glad to know that you can create your own Minecraft server.

There are two main ways you can create a Minecraft account. Either pay a virtual hosting provider to host your Minecraft servers, or host it yourself. VPS hosting is more straightforward than the other options. Many web hosting services offer dedicated Minecraft-oriented Hosting that simplifies the entire process. This is a good option, if you don't mind paying a small fee. A lot of web hosts offer customer service, which is a great option if you are not comfortable setting up your server on your own.

Minecraft Server Hosting Services

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Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Hosting your Minecraft server on your own server is a cost-saving move. Also, you can have complete server management, provided that you know how to use it. But, your home internet connection has a direct effect on how people connect to your server. Poor connections can lead to a frustrating gaming experience. You may also experience issues with other apps running on your system. To top it all, you need to fix any issues that arise with the server.

Yes, there are a lot of resources online. However, if you're not tech-savvy this can lead to a lot more work. Although web hosting reduces the amount of work and set-up required to maintain a server's performance, it can also significantly increase its cost. We'll discuss that in a moment.

If you are interested in setting up a Minecraft server we can help you. We'll begin by signing up for web hosting.

Find the best web host to host your Minecraft server

There are many web hosting companies that offer Minecraft servers. There will be different requirements for server hosting depending on how big your Minecraft world is, how many people connect to your server and whether you plan to install mods. You will likely pay more if you buy a larger plan. However, many web hosts offer the ability to upgrade from a lower level service tier to one with minimal hassle. For those just starting out, it's safer to get a smaller plan than you can later upgrade.

RAM and virtual CPU allocation are two of the most important factors to be aware of. The server's memory plays a major role in server quality and player numbers. 2GB of RAM can accommodate up to 10 users before lag creeps in. Virtual CPU allocation is a factor in smooth gameplay. More CPUs or better quality CPUs will make your server run smoothly. You can play with just a few people, as we mentioned before. To grow a community, you need to invest money into high-end hosting.

Let's have a look at PebbleHost to see how it works. The budget plan lets you select the Minecraft version to run, and even the most recent. PebbleHost also allows you to choose which server type you would like, including the PC Java, Spigot, or console/mobile Bedrock versions. A server that runs vanilla Minecraft (the base PC Java version) or Minecraft 1.17 costs $5 per monthly and includes a recommended 5GB of RAM.

No matter which service you choose, the server creation process is the same. Here is a quick overview of what to do:

Choose the plan that will give you the RAM required to run Minecraft.

Configure the server by specifying your region, game version, as well as add-ons.

You can review your information and, if required, create an Account with the provider. Once your payment has been processed, you'll get information about how to access the server.

To access your server, copy and paste the IP address you were given by the hosting company. It is important to use the Minecraft version that was purchased with your VPS.

Launch Minecraft. Click the Multiplayer tab. Next, click the Add Server tab. There you can enter the server information.

That's it! Enjoy your server-hosted Minecraft World.

You can host a Minecraft server yourself, but this is more difficult. You can set up a Minecraft server on either a Mac or Linux-based PC. It's generally the same process. However, this article will walk you through how to make a Minecraft Server on a Windows Computer.