Minecraft Servers

11. 29. 2022

Minecraft Servers

Minecraft is an engaging and exciting game that lets players explore an endless world. You have full control over the game's various aspects, including the ability to build grand castles and simple homes.

Minecraft can be fun on its own but it's even more enjoyable when you play with your friends. There are many options for playing Minecraft multiplayer on your computer. You have two options: play with friends or connect to over 126,000,000 gamers who play Minecraft regularly.

Let's look at how to play Minecraft with your friends on PC.

You can play multiplayer Minecraft on public servers

To connect with other Java users, most Java users use Minecraft servers. You can join these servers easily and there are many game modes and versions. There will be survival, PvP and creative servers. All you have to do is connect with the players and join the server.

Public servers aren't just for Java users. You can also search for the server that suits your Minecraft platform.

You can usually join a server by copying its IP address. Navigate to the multiplayer screen of your Minecraft client, and click on Direct Connection. You will need to enter your IP address in the Server Address box. Click Join Server.

You will need the IP address of your friend's private server if they are already using third-party hosting services. Copy and paste the IP address to join.

Minecraft Realms - Play Now

Although Realms cannot be used on multiple platforms, they are compatible with Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition. Realms can be used to create private Minecraft worlds with friends. Here are the steps for creating a Realm.

First, players must purchase a subscription to Realm. If you do not like the experience, you can cancel at any time.

Once you have opted for either the free trial or the subscription plan, open Minecraft. Next, select Minecraft Realms. If this is your first attempt at creating a Realm, click to create it. Before choosing the type of world, you can name your Realm. You have the option of saving a world or creating a new one. Or you can explore the world templates, adventures, and experiences available to the Realm.

After you have created your Realm click on Configure Realm. Next, click Invite Player. Enter the username of your friend and then click Invite Player again. Your friend will receive an invitation to join you Realm. You or your friends must accept this invitation.

Minecraft Bedroom Edition (BE), is slightly different. Start Minecraft BE by clicking Play, then select Worlds > Select Create New World > Click Creare on Realms in the left pane > Choose two to ten players to your Realm.

You must name your Realm and agree to the terms and conditions before you can click Create Realm. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can start a free trial for a ten player Realm by selecting Buy Now from the navigation.

Play with your friends over a LAN (local-area network)

You can play with friends on the same network via ethernet or another by playing on a local network (LAN).

You will need to launch Minecraft on a Java edition computer. Click Single Player to create a new Minecraft world or open an existing Minecraft world. Once you are done, press Escape. Next, click on Open to LAN. Select Creative, Adventure, Survival, or the default game mode. Turn cheat commands off. The game will then be hosted.

It is important to remember that you must choose a fast computer for hosting Minecraft servers. This will ensure that Minecraft runs smoothly and everyone has a great time. Only players on the same network are allowed to join the game once you have hosted it. All players must also be using the same version of the server.

Playing Minecraft multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation or Playstation

If you prefer to play Minecraft on your Nintendo Switch, Xbox or Playstation, you can also play with your friends on the same screen. Split-screen mode allows you to play with up three people at once. You will need to open Minecraft and connect your controllers in order to play Minecraft split-screen. The game will also automatically set the number of players. Click on Help and Options to open Minecraft. Next, click on Settings > click Allow Player Split-screen Vertical.

You can't play Minecraft on Xbox or Nintendo Switch with your friends. Instead, you have to only play with the people next to you.


Minecraft is a highly-rated and popular game. This game is a great choice for gamers who love to create and craft their own games. If you want to play with your friends, however, you must have the same version of the game as them and the same version on the server. You can update the game version if your game version differs from the server version.

These steps and tips should have clarified your doubts about how to play Minecraft with friends online. Joining a Minecraft server is the easiest way to connect with hundreds online players. If you prefer privacy, you can create a LAN connection so that you only invite the people you wish to play together.