Minecraft outpost guide

One of Minecraft's many naturally-generated structures is the Pillager outposts. These semi-rare structures are possible to be created in nearly all biomes, except cave biomes. They are home to a lot of dangerous pillagers but they are not the most difficult structures you can conquer. It can be daunting for new players.

Pillager outposts look like small tower-like structures and have three floors. The structure is empty but all the pillagers are still free to roam the streets. The pillagers are always ready to fight, and they have crossbows as well as axes.

How to win and survive in a Minecraft pillager outpost

Fighting pillagers

There are two methods to defeat pillagers depending on what weapon they use. It is best to continue attacking them with melee weapons if they are using a crossbow. They will take time to reload. Players will need to protect their attacks with shields if they're using an axe and then find the best time to attack them.

They are plentiful near the outpost so players should always use shields and eat food when they can. This will stop them taking multiple damage at once.

Straight to the loot

If the goal is to only get loot from the structure, and not to engage with a lot of pillagers and other players, then it's best for them to sprint past them all and head towards the outpost. Once players have found the outpost, they must locate the main entrance. They will be hard pressed to hit pillagers while they are running.

Once the player has entered the outpost, they will be able to close the door to prevent any pillagers entering. The player can then climb to the top floor to loot the chest. They may find useful items, even though the loot isn't the best.

The outpost is to be burned

The entire structure can be burned down if players are looking for some entertainment after looting the post. They will see that the structure is mostly made from dark oak wooden planks. You can burn it with flint, steel or TNT. Players can then use a water bucket or flint and steel to burn the entire structure.