Minecraft 1.19: Frogs!

12. 14. 2022

Minecraft 1.19: Frogs!

Mojang revealed some abilities for the frog mobs in Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.10. This is part of the experimental features of Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.10. It can eat small Magma Cubes and slimes. This is an odd enough ability. Mojang explained that frogs were once apex predators and could swallow whole goats, as Mojang said during today's Minecraft Live presentation.

This savage behavior of frogs was first noticed by players in Minecraft for Windows beta in January. Some players discovered that their hunger was insatiable.

Today's Minecraft Live saw Mojang show off a deeper dive into the future amphibians. One player wondered if frogs could eat axolotls. Although the answer is no, and in fact, axolotls are able to eat tadpoles, Alexander Ostman from Mojang explained how the former goat-gobbling bug affected frogs.

"I was creating the frogs, and I was going add this 'eat mob' behavior. Ostman says that while I was testing it, he thought I could also test it with the goat. "I temporarily added the possibility that frogs can eat goats to my beta, which I think is ridiculous. It turned out that I had forgotten to remove this part of the code before putting it into beta. So, for the first beta, the frogs were eating goats. This was the first time I ever saw a player post a video like this. It was so funny that I fell off my chair laughing.

Mojang's community manager went one step further. He tied several goats to a fencepost so that one amphibious menace could swallow them all. This only leads me to believe that the frog doesn't want to be fed. Frog loves to hunt.

Ostman quickly shared another funny bug in which frogs got stuck with slimes attached on their tongues rather than eating them.

The final release of 1.19 Wild Update will not include goat swallowing or frog face-pong. As beta update, frogs have had their appetites curtailed. By activating the Wild Update experimental features of Minecraft for Windows, you can help other frog bugs be found.