How to hide your crafting table in Minecraft

Minecraft players can do amazing things. They have built a graphing calculator, castles and entire cities.

Not all builds have to be large to be impressive. A Reddit user, u/purpledragonnuke, shared a build that they had made using avogaado. It made a crafting table look like a lever.

Hidden crafting table by Minecraft Redditor

Gamers will be amazed at how simple it appears that the process involves flipping a lever, and then creating a crafting table. Players will be shocked to see how complicated this redstone device is after the camera cuts off.

As the video progresses, there are many moving parts that can be seen from different angles.

Redditors believed that a single block of blocks required a lot of work.

The build by u/purpledragonnuke, avogaado and others is amazing. This was possible because of the hard work and skill that was required.

Redditors could not help but laugh at how this redstone building was designed to make one block appear. You can see their responses in the comments below.

Redditors were often confused by the sightings they saw

Some users were confused by the speed of the build shown in this video. Some thought the video was just a loop. Others saw the complex build in detail and had no idea what it was.

It's a remarkable feat of Minecraft engineering. Players made sure to share their confusions in the comments.

Many people asked for a tutorial on this amazing build.

Many players asked for a tutorial video due to the complexity of this build. Although there wasn't a tutorial posted to this thread, players can only hope there will be one soon.

Although gamers can view the build from several angles, it is still too complicated to understand how to build something similar by looking at the video.

Perhaps in the future, there will be more instant builds using more blocks

Many people were blown away by the video of u/purpledragonnuke, avogaado and others. Perhaps there will be future builds that have the super-fast appearance of multiple blocks builds. It may take gamers longer to build more complicated builds because there is so much engineering involved.

Reddit, however, is a great place to find inspiration and build future Minecraft builds.