Gravity hammer guide

The Hammer of Gravity, a unique melee weapon that can be found in Minecraft Dungeons is a slow, but powerful tool that can pull nearby mobs close to the target.

The Hammer of Gravity has powerful strikes and great range. Despite its slow attack speed, it is an excellent close-quarter weapon. This unique hammer is ideal for Minecraft Dungeons heroes who want to eliminate enemy mobs in a single swing.

This tool is also not as rare as other high-quality weapons so it should be easier to find.

Minecraft Dungeons - Locations and methods to locate the Hammer of Gravity

The game's RNG (random numbers generator) governs how likely loot drops from enemies or chests will occur.

After being unlocked, the Hammer of Gravity may occasionally be found in the inventories of merchants in a player’s camp. This allows heroes to search for the legendary weapon even if loot drops are not working in their favor.

Run through levels, defeat enemies, and open loot boxes will trigger the RNG in different spots. This could potentially allow players to get a Hammer of Gravity Drop.

These drops may not be working, so one can go to camp to consult Luxury, Mystery, and Piglin merchants to try to trade for the item. Check in regularly to see what new items are on offer.

You can increase the difficulty to get better drops. However, it is not guaranteed that heroes will receive the Hammer of Gravity.

Patience and perseverance are the keys to acquiring certain items in Minecraft Dungeons. Dungeon crawler games are known for being slow and frustrating. Sometimes it takes a while to get the right gear or enchantments.